Purpose of Establishment
As a specialized graduate school established to gather core capabilities for fostering top experts, the Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology is operated based on the various educational and research experiences of the outstanding professors affiliated with the Department of Public Administration, Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering and Department of Media Engineering of SeoulTech.
The Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering ranked 13th in the industrial engineering sector and 9th in the student education sector in the national university assessment implemented by the Joong-ang Daily Newspaper. The Department of Media Engineering leads the image information-oriented era of the 21st century and only exists in SeoulTech – it is not found in any other university in Korea. On the other hand, the Department of Public Administration carries out active research activities through outstanding professors that lead the field of public policy and management in Korea and abroad.
 SeoulTech will use its core capabilities to cultivate the Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology in order to lead university development and foster world-class educational and research abilities in the IT sector. The Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology will develop into a leader in the field of education and research through the integration of public policy, industrial information systems, digital culture policy and broadcasting communications policy majors.
Object of Establishment
Provision of excellent faculty and establishment of major-classified academic advisor system
  • Master’s and Doctorate programs are effectively taught and guided by 25 professors that have studied at internationally prominent universities
  • Academic and career guidance is provided to students through major-classified academic advisor system (public policy, industrial information systems, broadcasting communications policy)
  • Additional annual recruitment of top full-time professors and foreign professors
Strengthening of education and provision of world-class educational content
  • To strengthen education and foster core capabilities required for the global knowledge and information-oriented era, the educational contents provided at the Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology are organized as follows– Master’s Program: 36 credits, Doctorate Program: 42 credits, Combined Master’s and Doctorate Program: 60 credits
  • Problem-solving skills are cultivated through team teaching and case study rather than theory lectures
  • International education is provided through English and Multimedia-based lectures (1 PC per student)
Operation of curriculum
Program Term of Study Semester Class Required Credits Degree

Master’s Program


2 years (4 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 30 Academic/professional degree

Master’s Program

(Non thsis)

2 and a half years (5 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 33 professional degree
Doctorate Program 2 and a half years (5 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 36 Academic/professional degree
Combined Master’s and Doctorate Program 4 years (8 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 60 Academic/professional degree
Student Quota
Program Entrance quota Degree
Entrance quota Master’s 25 Master of Public Policy : Dept. of public policy, Digital & Contents policy, Media & Contents Policy
Doctor of Engineering : Dept. of Industrial Information Systems
Doctorate 20
Educational Purpose and System
Foster professional intellectuals based
on the open educational system
  • 01. Realize open education system
  • 02. Teach and research professional
           knowledge and technology
  • 03. Foster diligent, competent personnel
           that can contribute to national
           industrial development
  • 01. Lead open education
  • 02. Lead information-oriented society
  • 03. Contribute to national
  • Develop into international specialized graduate school
  • Develop special programs for foreign students studying in Korea
  • Activate advisory activities for foreign governments and international institutions
  • Foster IT Policy Research Center into a global research institution
  • Strengthen educational/research activities through construction of stable capital basis
  • Develop into Korea’s top specialized graduate school
  • Activate cooperative system between graduate school/government ministry/research institution
  • Construct basis for developing into international education/research/advisory institution
  • Establish self-sustaining capital basis by acquiring education & research funding
  • Diversify educational programs and strengthen education/research activities
  • Increase social contributions of IT Policy Research Center
  • Construct link/cooperative system with prominent specialized educational institutions in Korea and abroad
  • Operate joint degree/joint educational programs with prestigious colleges abroad
  • Activate IT Policy Research Center
  • Carry out joint research with related research institutions in Korea and abroad
  • Foster high-quality personnel by activating interdisciplinary educational system
  • Activate student/professor interchange with prestigious colleges abroad
  • Develop as the base of national policy development and research activities
  • Establish Graduate School of Public Policy and Information Technology (Master’s/Doctorate Programs)
  • Attract funding for education & research activities
  • Develop curriculum for fostering high-quality personnel
  • Establish IT Policy Research Center
  • Construct cooperative system with major research institutions
  • Create basis for carrying out research activities in the field of IT policy
  • Sign exchange agreement with prestigious colleges abroad
  • Establish vision and long-term development plan and review validity