Educational Goals
The Department of IT Design Convergence aims to train experts who can contribute to the establishment of a global design culture with a focus on digital high technology and design convergence education. With the development of IT technology, the importance of innovative design incorporating cutting-edge technology has been highlighted, so it is necessary to educate differentiated professional manpower that combines various theoretical research and design practice from design planning to digital media.
Therefore, the IT Design Convergence Major has structured the curriculum to learn theory and practice based on the convergence of integrated visual expression, interactive communication, and sustainable design and service that can contribute to the establishment of a global design culture.
Department Introduction
The field of science, technology and design convergence is a study based on design thinking and scientific research methods to create new values, and new knowledge is created through critical analysis and interdisciplinary research to solve problems. Therefore, it has the effect of fostering a global national brand by cultivating convergence thinking and problem-solving ability and an open perspective for the creation of technical and cultural design. In particular, it is expected to improve product productivity, develop new design trends, and increase the application method of convergence technology with design by discovering various convergence contents.
The education program of the IT design convergence major was established to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the promotion of future core growth engines based on the analysis of technological, social and cultural values ​​of the rapidly changing IT environment. In addition, it is an IT design convergence professional manpower training course for the convergence of innovative digital technology and creative design.